Good Entertainment: Guest Post by Zachary Holbrook

I recently became aware of a mystery that lies deep in the human mind— a mystery I’m only aware of because of the bizarre behavior it produces. You see, I was in a casual conversation with a couple of my female classmates, and they mentioned that they’d watched a vapid and cliched chick flick recently.Continue reading “Good Entertainment: Guest Post by Zachary Holbrook”

Book Spotlight: Abort by C.D. Hulen

“Abort” intrigued me from its opening paragraph, and the story certainly lived up to its promise. Interesting characters, excellent writing, vivid descriptions and exciting plot—what more do you need? The protagonist, Mason, comes out of hibernation when his small ship docks on a huge cargo carrier. He’s only got one partner, no weapons, no instructions,Continue reading “Book Spotlight: Abort by C.D. Hulen”

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