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Just Released

FOR BETTER AND WORSE, the fourth book in the Shards of Sevia series, releases today! You can check it out HERE and read some of the reviews it’s already received HERE.

English is Not Normal…

We already knew this, of course, but it’s still interesting to read a discussion of exactly why. Go ahead. Check it out HERE.


From the first words to the new-release promotions, no book is a solo effort, and I want to say thanks again to all the lovely and generous people who’ve helped with mine! If I tried to name them all, this would be a VERY long post. However, here are some of the bloggers who haveContinue reading “Teamwork”

Coming Soon…

“For Better and Worse,” the fourth book in the Shards of Sevia series, releases April 17th, which is this Saturday. Wow. That came up fast. HOWEVER…I still have a few giveaway e-copies of “For Better and Worse” available. To get yours, email me at btznvntATgmailDOTcom before 12:00 noon on April 17.


When I got ready to write “For Better or Worse,” I was determined to make it my best story yet. To achieve that, I decided I was going to write a thorough outline. I’d write a detailed summary of every scene. I’d make sure I hit every note that a well-pace story requires (by theContinue reading “Outlining”

3,000 Words a Day

For me, writing is a creative outlet, a relaxing, rejuvenating activity. While I love it when my work finds new readers (it feels like making new friends) I have no interest in ever trying to make a living from it. Still, many people hope to, and a few succeed. Click HERE for an interesting articleContinue reading “3,000 Words a Day”

Book Spotlight: Abort by C.D. Hulen

“Abort” intrigued me from its opening paragraph, and the story certainly lived up to its promise. Interesting characters, excellent writing, vivid descriptions and exciting plot—what more do you need? The protagonist, Mason, comes out of hibernation when his small ship docks on a huge cargo carrier. He’s only got one partner, no weapons, no instructions,Continue reading “Book Spotlight: Abort by C.D. Hulen”

For Better and Worse

I’m pleased to announce the fourth book in the Shards of Sevia series now has a title and a cover! To celebrate, I’m giving away five advance copies of the novel. For a chance to get yours, email me at the address on the “About Me and My Reviews” page. The first five people IContinue reading “For Better and Worse”

Moving Forward…

By now, I’ve received feedback from the majority of my kind and thoughtful beta readers. Things are looking good for the next part of Boris and Anna’s story! I’ve also got a book description I’m fairly happy with: “Boris and Anna’s first baby is due any day, but the thought of raising a child inContinue reading “Moving Forward…”


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