Book Spotlight: The Bruised Dream by Alabama Rose

The Bruised Dream is told through the eyes of Sofia, a young girl who is eager to share her close-knit family with children in need. When two young boys, Raven and River, are no longer safe with their own parents, they’re sent to live with Sofia and her family. However, a minor accident on a family outing leads to consequences no one could have foreseen. The family’s dream of giving Raven and River the love and stability they need is indeed bruised, if not shattered, and Sofia suddenly finds herself involved in the foster care system in a way she never would have imagined.

In the end, Sofia will have to choose whether she’s willing to forgive the people who wronged her and open her heart again, or if she’ll allow fear to control her.

It’s painful to think that a system meant for good could cause so much harm. While I would wish that the decision to remove children from their home (or return them to a potentially dangerous environment) is always made with great care by well-informed people, unfortunately, the world doesn’t always work that way, and the right decision is not always an easy one to make.

This heartfelt little story is the work of a very young author—Alabama Rose was only fifteen years old at the time it was published. However, the compassion and wisdom contained in it are worthy of someone much older and more experienced. The book was well-edited, the writing style simple and enjoyable to read, but what really made the story special was the clarity with which the author was able to share her own heart and love for unloved children through a fictional story.

I received a free paperback copy of The Bruised Dream from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. You can get your own copy HERE.

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