Book Reviews

No matter how good the book you’ve just written and published might be, if nobody knows it exists, nobody’s going to read it. But how do you let your potential readers know that there’s a new story out there that they are going to love?

Of course, advertising opportunities about both on the Internet and in the Real World, but many are expensive, and not all are effective. One of the best ways I’ve found for spreading the word about my book is to share free copies with some of the many bloggers who regularly read and review books. This is a great method because not only does your book get reviews on the sites where it’s being sold, public ones that any potential buyer can see, it’s also getting publicity and (if the review is a good one) endorsement from the blogger who recommends it to his or her friends and followers.

Here are just a few of the book bloggers who have helped and supported me by sharing thoughtful and gracious reviews for my books. Go check them out, and see what else they’re reading!

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